History of Kingfisher Kustoms

To tell you everything would take up too much space, so here's a brief history.
Founded in 1980, Kingfisher Kustoms have seen some amazing changes -

f  rom the Beach Buggy craze to Custom Beetles with huge wheels, roof chops, spoilers, and wacky mods to the Cal Look era, Resto Cal and now restored stock Bugs and Vans with mega engines and believe it or not a revival in Beach Buggies, maybe it's a case of 'Here we go again'.

Kingfisher has always had a large workshop, so we have been fitting the parts we sell for many years which gives us a great idea of what fits, how easy, product quality, etc. We have built many show cars, buggies, kits, cal lookers, vans and stockers over the past 29 years, so we are in an ideal situation to guide you on your project or advice on general repairs, accident repairs and restorations, we will take on any work you can't or don't want to carry out. Remember, the job you are about to take on we have probably done several times so please ask before you make a mistake, we will always give helpful advise where we can.